Research and Development

Dunlop Foams ensures that our products are manufactured to the highest standards possible. This includes using the finest components, ensuring that it is durable and built to stand the test of time. We do all this as we strive to become more environmentally aware, surpassing all in industry standards. These attributes, along with a historical reputation within the foam industry, makes Dunlop a cut above the rest​

"The name Dunlop is synonymous with innovation"

We’ve been setting the standards since the very beginning. In fact, our experience, technology, design and sheer quality have made us Australia’s leading foam manufacturer.

Research and Development Capabilities

Innovative X-Sensor Pressure mapping technology is an integral part of our extensive product testing and design protocols. This technique is employed in a wide range of our solutions including; Mattress cushion and overlays. Pressure mapping is one of our most important tools when it comes to developing ideal, purpose made foam combinations.

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Durability Tested

Our foam products undergo a variety of fatigue testing to assess product durability in harsh climatic conditions and during frequent use. Tested to the most rigorous standards, our foams constantly achieve high durability and above industry standard ratings. In testing to ISO 3385, our foam undergoes 80000 pounding cycles under controlled conditions of high temperature and high humidity. In testing to AS2282.12, foam is compressed to 25% of it's original height by a roller moving over it 20,000 times.

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Developing new ranges

The introduction of our newly developed Healthcare mattress range is the latest step forward in our never ending quest for innovations. Not other foam manufacturer in Australia has the special industry knowledge afforded to Dunlop Foams. Our research and development facilities are second to none.

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Good Environmental Choice Australia

Dunlop Foams has successfully operated as a good corporate citizen for a number of years and it is a great privilege for us to continue working with GECA and their ecolabel programme. Dunlop Foams actively encourages the return of off cuts of foam so that they can be recycled into other consumer products as part of the Dunlop Product Stewardship programme. This helps to reduce consumption of raw materials, energy, water and transportation used in manufacturing. Please contact our Sales office on 1800 736 634 to organise scrap foam take back.

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Our history and expertise in the foams industry allows us to produce top quality foams.This includes using the finest components to ensure that it's durable and built to stand the test of time.

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All of our foams have been developed to meet and /or exceed the demands and specification of the industry. When it comes to the very best in Australia's most highly sort after foam and mattress standards, there simply isn't a product of comparison.