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A comprehensive range of specialist foams

Furniture Foam

Dunlop Foams has developed a comprehensive range of foam grades to match the requirements of domestic and commercial furniture manufacturers and provide lasting comfort and support. Our range of Enduro foams is specifically designed for this industry segment and is recognised as the market leader. Look for the Dunlop Foams guarantee or sew-in label when next buying furniture.

Bedding Foam

From comfort layers to mattress cores, Dunlop Foams provides a comprehensive range of foam components for the bedding industry. Our polyurethane and visco-elastic (memory) foams are fundamental elements of any mattress structure and critical to comfort and durability

Medical Foam

Setting the benchmark for comfort, durability and pressure re-distribution, as well as custom-developed products for specific applications, Dunlop Foams has consistently led the way in the research and development of an unrivaled range of Hospital Grade foam. Our core range of mattresses are first choice for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and aged care because they offer:

-Specifically developed Hospital Grade foams
-Increased comfort
-Pressure point re-distribution
-2-way stretch fabrics
-Welded seams on most models
-Weight bearing range from 150kg to 350kg
-Built in anti-microbial protection
-Minimum warranties of 5 years for foam and 12 months for covers

Transport Foam

Outstanding durability and comfort are the key requirements for foams used in transport applications. Based on these key criteria, Dunlop Foams offers a range of specialised foams for the aviation, automotive, marine and transport sectors for solutions including seating, acoustics, thermal insulation, safety, filtration and seals.

Sports Foam

From gym mats and equipment padding, children's play mats, underlay for sport surfaces, goal post protectors and filling for jump pits, Dunlop Foams’ wide range of sporting products provide functionality that includes absorption and reducing impact when running or jumping during competitive or recreational sports.

Insulation Foam

The Dunlop Foams Research and Development team has developed a range of foams and grades specifically designed to meet the most current and relevant standards for the acoustic and thermal insulation industries. Acoustic solutions such as our AT 21-150 foam feature outstanding sound absorption properties. Whether for the home theatre or music studio, acoustic tiles are a must for achieving quality sound and noise control.

Other Foam

Dunlop Foams are experts in transforming and converting foams to meet the demands of hundreds of other applications, including lamination, packaging, cleaning, hydroponics and filtration. Our product development team is equipped to meet any challenge in delivering innovative concepts and new applications for our foams.