Why Dunlop

A leading supplier to industrial and consumer markets, our foams are used for many diverse applications that include bedding, furniture, healthcare, sports, packaging, transport, cleaning and many others.

"We are passionate about foam"

Through the use of the most advanced technology and materials, we’ve been setting the standards since the very beginning. In fact, our experience, technology, design and sheer quality have made us Australia’s leading foam manufacturer.

Our History

Dunlop Foams can trace its origins back to John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921) inventor of the rubber inflatable tyre after creating an early version in 1887 for his son's tricycle. Dunlop over the 19th & 20th centuries splintered into a different companies still bearing the inventor's name. Our company began manufacturing in the Australian market in the 1930s and now a strong workforce both here and in New Zealand, proudly make our business part of the Dunlop legacy.


Research & Development

We're proud of our heritage and reputation for combining leading edge innovation, expertise and world-class operations to produce products of the highest quality. Dunlop Foams has a dedicated research and development team that's constantly working to develop and foster new and innovative ways to make our products.



Technology has helped Dunlop Foams establish its unrivaled dominance in the Australian market. If there's an innovative tool or machinery that can help us bring a better product to you, we'll integrate it into our manufacturing processes. We're one of the largest foam producers in Australasia with eight factories across Australia and New Zealand.


Our Partners

We are committed to bringing the best foam products while also caring for the environment. So Dunlop Foams has teamed up with partners Ultra Fresh and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) to help us ensure our business is working to protect the world we live in.


If you want to see your concepts and ideas realised, enquire now with our specialised team to see how we can provide you with an exceptional product, to make your idea a reality.